Bitcoin began a new age in digital currency and blockchain technologies in 2009. You'd imagine it would be anywhere with all the chatter about Bitcoin. Is that real, indeed? What is the value of Bitcoin? What is the sum of money in bitcoins, or more importantly? Bitcoin is undoubtedly worth our time for the price of US$8,790.51 as of March 4, 2020.

By March 4, 2020, a bitcoin was worth USD 8,790.51.

Any of the world's bitcoins have been worth around $160.4 billion.

It was also 0.4% of the world's money that Bitcoin paid for.

Bitcoin priced only 1.6 trillion as high as the gold supply worldwide.

All combined cryptocurrencies constituted less than 0.7% of the world's money.

How Much Is Bitcoin Worth?

First, we measure Bitcoin's overall worth, so it's easy to do that. The amount of all Bitcoin's worldwide as of March 4, 2020, was 160.4 billion dollars, according to CoinMarketCap. In contrast, Forbes estimated Amazon (AMZN) founder Jeff Bezos' net worth at $115.5 trillion, making Bitcoin's market share a little over a third greater than Bezo's income.

Bitcoin and The Money Supply:

We have to calculate the overall sum of money to get a feeling of how much the world's capital is in bitcoins. This is not the most straightforward question to tackle, as it turns out. Such a measurement will take hundreds of wealth types into account, including banknotes, valued metals, stock market, and loan reports. In October 2017, the Money Project tried this estimation and calculated that the world's narrow capital was about $36.8 billion. This statistic is obsolete as of March 2020. However, it was still arbitrary enough for an approximate approximation to be used.

It leaves Bitcoin at 0.4% of the estimated amount of provincial capital in the Money Project report.

The Money Project's budget estimation indicates the amount of money that Bitcoin suppliers have. However, the calculations used in this article are much less reliable than the others.

Bitcoin vs. Gold:

How do you equate Bitcoin to gold? After all, some even treat gold as the real currency. It is the gold standard to be compared with other currencies. We begin with statistics from the World Gold Council. It was estimated that about 190,000 tons of gold were extracted in the past as of 2017. Around 2,500 tons of gold are mined per year, and approximately 195,000 tons of gold are expected to occur at the end of 2019 in all defense. The average price of gold per ounce was $ 1,615,50.4. Thus, the total amount of all gold could be measured as 32,150,7 tropical ounces of gold per ounce.

Gold 195,000 tons x 32,150.7 ounces of troy per ton x $1,615.50 per ounce = 101 trillion dollars.

All bitcoin's overall worth was about 1.6 percent of all gold.

Other Cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin is the world's biggest and most popular cryptocurrency. But it's not the only one. Combining Bitcoin with Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, and all other significant cryptocurrencies, the overall valuation hits about $251.8 billion.5 That's only well under 0.7 trillion of the value mentioned above.


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  • 1 BTC = $13,2323
  • 1 BCH = $13,2323
  • 1 ETH = $13,2323
  • 1 LTC = $13,2323
  • 1 DAS = $13,2323
  • 1 BCC = $13,2323

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